Kristall 1962
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The portable transistor radio "Kristall" in 1962 was developed and experimentally produced by the Leningrad Kozitsky plant. Radio residents have long been waiting for residents of rural areas. Portable, economical in nutrition radiol will become indispensable for holidaymakers. Briefly about the technical parameters of the radio "Crystal": Radiol is entirely assembled on transistors. The radio model is designed to work in the ranges of long and medium waves. Sensitivity in the range of DV - 2.5, SV - 1.2 mV / m. The adjacent channel selectivity is about - 20 dB. The range of effectively reproduced sound frequencies when playing records is 200 ... 7000 Hz. The nominal output power of the radio amplifier is about 150 mW. A turntable can play a record with a speed of 33, 45 and 78 rpm. A 1GD-20 type loudspeaker is used in the radio side. Radiola feeds on six elements 373 '' Saturn ''.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko