Okean-205 1973
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Portable radios "Ocean-204" and "Ocean-205" since 1973 produced the Minsk Radio Plant. The "Ocean-204" radio differs from the "Ocean-205" receiver only by the absence of an indicator for fine tuning and power control. Radio "Ocean-205" or 204 operates in the ranges of LW, MW, HF (5 subranges) and VHF. In the VHF band has a frequency control system. The receiver has tone and bass tone controls, a dial gauge for fine tuning, power voltage indication, scale backlight. The sensitivity of the model when working with a magnetic antenna in the ranges of: DV 1 mV / m, MW 0.7 mV / m, when working with a telescopic antenna in the subranges: KB 150 ... 250 µV, in the VHF range 35 µV. The band of reproduced sound frequencies in AM 125 ... 4000 Hz, in VHF 125 ... 10000 Hz. Output power 0.5 watts, maximum 0.75 watts. The receiver is powered from a 127/220 V mains, or 6 elements 373. The dimensions of the model are 367x255x119 mm. Weight 4 kg. The price of the radio "Ocean-204" is 139 rubles, and the price of "Ocean-205" is 145 rubles. Radio "Ocean-204" was released a minor series. The radio "Ocean-205" was produced in export versions with the name "Selena" (B-206, 207, 208, 209), which were determined by the wave bands adopted in this country. Since 1976, subsequent installments of receivers were produced according to the Ocean-209 receiver scheme.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko