Amfiton RP-210 1992
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Since 1992, the portable radio receiver "Amfiton RP-210" has produced the Kotov branch of the Chisinau plant of calculating machines. The all-wave portable radio receiver '' Amfiton RP-210 '' can receive programs of broadcasting stations in the bands DV, SV, KV1 5.95 ... 6.2 MHz; KV2 11.7 ... 12.1 MHz and VHF. The receiver has a power on indicator, a tone control for higher audio frequencies, sockets for an external antenna, headphones, and an external power source. At the same time, to expand the range, the plant produced a radio station '' Quartz RP-210 '' and its modification '' Quartz RP-210-1 '' with a timer. Both receivers are similar in design, layout and design to the base. Main characteristics: Sensitivity when receiving on magnetic and telescopic antennas in the ranges: DV 2, SV 1.3, KB 0.4 and VHF 0.08 mV / m; maximum output power 0.25 W; power supply 6 V (4 el. A-316); dimensions of the radio receiver 175x110x34 mm; weight 0.5 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko