Meridian-230 1982
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All-wave radio "Meridian-230" from the beginning of 1982 produced the Kiev plant "Radio". The radio receiver was developed on the basis of the model "Meridian-210". The main difference of the new device is the electronic setting in all bands and the electronic sensor switching of the fixed settings in the VHF-FM range. The use of unified functional units has significantly reduced the size and weight of the new radio receiver compared to its predecessor. Reception of programs of long-wave and mid-wave radio stations is made on a magnetic antenna, and short-wave and ultra-short wave on a retractable telescopic. The accuracy of the setting is controlled by the electronic light indicator settings. The receiver"™s power supply is universal: from an alternating current network of 127 or 220 V through an integrated power supply, from 6 elements 343 or from an external source of 9 volts. The battery performance can be judged by the indicator in the receiver. Main technical characteristics: Actual sensitivity when receiving to an internal antenna in the range of DV 1.4 mV / m, CB 0.85 mV / m, on a telescopic antenna in the range of 50 kV HF, VHF 10 mV. The maximum output power when powered from the mains 1.5 W, from an autonomous source of 0.6 watts. The nominal frequency range of the sound path is AM 125 ... 4000 Hz, FM 125 ... 10000 Hz. Current consumption at an average volume of 80 mA. Dimensions of the receiver 280h245h85 mm. Its mass is about 3 kg. Price 190 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko