M-888 2000
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The stationary transistor radio "M-888" from I-sq 2000 was produced by Minsk UE "PromSvyaz". Receiver '' M-888 '' was produced in the desktop version and is designed to receive radio stations in the VHF-1 and VHF-2 ranges on an external antenna, and can also be used as a clock or alarm clock. Electronic clocks provide the following modes: main, showing time, alarm mode, automatic switching on of the device, according to a predetermined time, reduced brightness mode of the clock. The range of received frequencies is 65.8 ... 74.0 MHz in VHF-1 and 100 ... 108 MHz in VHF-2. Sensitivity 10 µV. The deviation of the daily course of hours ± 2 seconds. Constant voltage to maintain the operation of the clock chip in case of a 9 V power outage. The maximum output power of the ULF when operating from the mains is 0.5 W. Rated 0.25 watts. Power consumption from a network of 8 watts. The receiver dimensions are 148x200x63 mm. Its weight is 0.7 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko