Elat-RP-202-stereo 1997
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Since the beginning of 1997, the stationary transistor radio "Elat-RP-202-stereo" has been producing Obninsk Instrument-Making Plant Signal, JSC. Stereophonic radio "Elat RP-202-C" is designed to receive VHF-FM radio stations, mainly local broadcasting on 8 channels of fixed tuning. It also has the ability to listen to local wired broadcasts. Ease of use of the radio is achieved by abandoning the traditional scale device. The change of radio stations is carried out by the electronic control unit by successively pressing the "Channels" button. The digital indicator highlights the number of the selected channel. At close proximity of radio stations, reception can be carried out on a piece of wire, which allows using the radio receiver in a variety of conditions. Specifications: Frequency range 66 ... 74 MHz. Sensitivity from external antenna: 50 µV stereo, 6 µV mono. Separation of steraocanals on the output at a frequency of 1000 Hz, at least 30 dB. The range of reproducible frequencies for electrical voltage is 100 ... 10000 Hz. The voltage of the transmission network is 10 ... 30 V. The nominal output power is 2x0.5 W. Maximum - 2x2.5 watts. Power consumption at 9 VA nominal output power. The dimensions of the RP - 166h304h94 mm. Weight - 1.65 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko