Abava-253 1998
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Since 1998, the portable radio receiver "Abava-253" has been producing the Kandava Radio Plant. The radio receiver is designed for reception in two VHF bands: FM1 - "u200b"u200b65 ... 74 and FM2 - 87.5 ... 108 MHz. The case design and exterior design are similar to the earlier model '' Abava-8330 '' and the later '' Abava-252 ''. The receiver is assembled on a TEA-5710 type MS operating in the RF and IF paths and TDA7056 MS operating in the RF amplifier. IF 10.7 MHz. The IF amplifier has no loops; selectivity is achieved using 2 piezoelectric filters having a common passband of 150 kHz. Setting is made by KPI. The receiver has a volume control and treble tone. AU consists of a dynamic head 3GDSH-27 or a similar imported one. The power of the receiver is universal: from 6 A-343 cells or from 2 3336 flat batteries or through the built-in power supply from the mains. Nominal output power 0.25 W, maximum 0.6 W. Operating time from a set of batteries A-343 - 60 hours. Dimensions of the receiver 322x95x80 mm, weight 1 kg. The radio was released in 2 design options.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko