El'fa-201-3-diktor 1991
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Since the beginning of 1991, the Elfa-201-3 announcer"™s tape recorder has produced the Elfa Vilnius Electrotechnical Plant. MVU "Elf-201-3-announcer" with a loudspeaker is designed to record and (or) reproduction of sound phonograms. The IDP is built on the basis of the IDP "Elf-201-announcer" and with it similarly. The belt speed is 9.53 cm / s and 2.38 cm / s. The number of coils is 15. The range of working sound frequencies on an LV at a speed of 9.53 cm / s is 40 ... 14000 Hz, 2.38 cm / s 250 ... 3500 Hz. Power consumption of 45 watts from the mains. Dimensions MVU - 470h310h160 mm. Weight 12 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko