VEF-Tranzistor 1965
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Since the beginning of 1965, the portable radio receiver VEF Transistor has been producing the Riga State Electrotechnical Plant VEF. '' VEF-Transistor '' is an export version of the VEF-Speedol serial radio. An export radio receiver is a complete analogue of the base one, with the exception of short wave subranges whose values "‹"‹conform to the standards adopted in European countries. "VEF-Transistor" - a portable receiver with 10 transistors. It works in the ranges of long, medium and short (subranges 13, 16, 19, 25, 31 meters and stretched range 41 ... 52 meters) waves. For tropical countries, there was a range of overlapping intermediate waves from 85 to 200 meters. The sensitivity of the receiver with a magnetic antenna in the Far East, NE is 0.5 ... 1.0 mV / m. On HF subbands with a whip antenna - 50 µV. The rated output power is 150 mW, the reproducible frequency range is 350 ... 4000 Hz. The receiver is powered by 2 KBS-L-0.5 batteries or from 6 Saturn. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 280x230x92 mm, weight 2.4 kg. According to the general electrical circuit and design, but in other cases and with other vernier-scale devices, the plant produced the models "Speedola", "Vef-Speedola" and "Vef-Speedola-10".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko