Sokol-4 1967
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Transistor radio "Falcon-4" with I-kv 1967 produced the Moscow radio plant. Radio "Falcon-4" is a small-sized superheterodyne, assembled on eight transistors and two diodes. It is designed to receive radio stations in the ranges of LW, MW and HF. Reception in DV, SV is carried out on a magnetic antenna, and in KV on a telescopic. You can connect a headset to the receiver. The receiver is powered by four A-316 elements. Management by means of 4 handles; settings, adjustments, band selector and volume control with power switch. Low weight, 950 g. And dimensions 215x125x47 mm, make the receiver convenient to use. The radio frequency bands are: DV 735 ... 2000, CB 186 ... 570 and KV 25 ... 75 m. The KV range is divided into 2 subranges: KВl - 25 ... 31 m and KV2 - 41 ... 75 m. Export versions had other HF subranges. Sensitivity of 1.8 mV / m on DV, 0.8 mV / m on CB, 150 µV on KV. The selectivity on the adjacent channel is 46 dB, the mirror channel on the DW and CB is 26 dB, on the KB - 12 dB. AGC provides a change in voltage on the detector by 5 dB, while changing the input by 26 dB. Rated output power 100 mW. Quiescent current 10 mA.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko