Melodija-110-stereo 1980
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The stereo radio "Melody-110-stereo" was developed and prepared for release in 1980 by the Riga Radio Engineering Plant. It is designed to receive radio stations in the ranges: LW, CB, HF, VHF and for playing phonograph records. The model uses an EPU of type I-EPU-80SK with a magnetic head GZM-105. The outputs of the amplifiers operate on speakers of the type 10AC-409. In the FM band there is a fixed tuning of four radio stations. Main characteristics: rated output power 2x10 W; nominal frequency range along the path: radio reception in the ranges: LW, CB, KB - 50 ... 6300 Hz, VHF - 50 ... 15000 Hz, reproduction of a mechanical recording - 31.5 ... 16000 Hz. Power consumption - 70 watts. The dimensions of the radio are 780x420x160 mm. AC - 360x215x175 mm. The mass of the kit is 30 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko