Elektronika TA1-003 1979
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Since 1979, the TA1-003 Electronics stereophonic set-top box has been produced by the Rheny plant at the Istok NPO, and since 1980, the Lepse Kirov Electric Machine-Building Production Association. MP with a through channel "Electronics TA1-003" is intended for high-quality recording of phonograms on magnetic tapes of type A4409-6B and A4309-6B with subsequent or simultaneous playback through an external amplifier from speakers or to stereo phones. This model is distinguished from similar devices of the highest class by a block-modular design, widespread use of electronic switching and high automation of the 3-motor unit of the LPM. The MP has: a system for automatic control of a direct drive driving engine; device for electronic braking; magnetic tape tension stabilization system in all operating modes; photoelectric hitchhiking. The following modes are available: forward and reverse playback (reverse); fast forward tape in both directions; "Record"; "Stop"; "Pause"; Rollback The transfer from one mode to another is carried out by an electronic device with pseudosensory control, eliminating the deformation of the tape when the button of the selected mode is pressed, bypassing the "Stop" button by accidentally pressing several buttons in other cases. There is: a noise reduction system operating in a through channel; 4-digit tape counter with a standalone sensor; gas discharge indicator of recording and playback level; Wireless remote control with stereo phones connection. MP is assembled on 40 microcircuits, 132 transistors, 80 diodes, 4 optocouplers and 2 triacs. Brief characteristics: coil diameter 270 mm; CVL speed - 19.05; 9.53 cm / sec; the knock coefficient at a belt speed of 19.05 cm / sec - ± 0.08%, 9.53 cm / sec - ± 0.15%; the working frequency range on the LP at a tape speed of 19.05 cm / s - 31.5 ... 22000 Hz; 9.53 cm / s - 31.5 ... 16000 Hz; relative level of interference in the playback channel -53 dB; recording / playback -62 dB; reduction of the relative level of interference when turning on the UWB to 8 dB; harmonic coefficient 1.2%; the nominal voltage of the signal on the LAN is 0.4...0.6 V; rated output power of stereo phone amplifiers at a load of 8 ohms - 1 mW; power consumption 130 watts. Dimensions MP - 491x220x456 mm, weight 27 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko