VEF-Spidola-10 1965
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The VEF-Spidola-10 portable transistor radio receiver has been produced by the VEF State Electrotechnical Plant since 1965. The VEF-Spidola-10 radio receiver (PMK-65) was produced in conjunction with the VEF-Speedola radio receiver to increase the range of products manufactured by the plant and, in addition to design, is similar to it. It is assembled on 10 transistors and two diodes and is designed to receive broadcasting stations in the ranges: LW, CB and HF. The HF band is divided into 5 subbands (4 stretched and 1 half-stretched). Range switching is done using the drum switch. In the Far East and Far East ranges, reception is carried out on a magnetic antenna, and in the KB range - on a telescopic telescopic. The maximum output power of the receiver is 250 mW. Powered by six Saturn cells or two KBS-L-0.5 batteries. The current consumption depends on the signal level in the output stage, with a supply voltage of 9 V and an output power of 150 mW, it is equal to 50 mA. With daily operation of the receiver for 3 hours, the A-373 battery pack lasts for 200 hours. The receiver has an effective AGC system, manual volume control, jacks for an external piezoelectric pickup, speakers, antenna and power. The dimensions of the VEF-Speedola-10 radio receiver are 275x197x90 mm, and the mass without batteries is 2.2 kg. ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko