Rostov-121-stereo 1988
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Recorder-prefix "Rostov-121-stereo" prepared for release from 1988 by the Rostov plant "Pribor" Stereophonic reel 2-speed tape recorder-prefix of the first group of complexity with the use of integrated circuits "Rostov-121-stereo" provides recording of mono and stereo phonograms, with subsequent reproduction of magnetic recording through the UCU or stereo amplifiers with speakers; It can also be used independently for listening to phonograms via stereophones. In MP used: three-engine tape drive mechanism; automatic control of the tension of the magnetic tape and automatic stabilization of the tape rewind speed; glass ferrite magnetic heads; LED display showing additional information on the operation of the MP; electronic logic control of work modes, allowing selection of work modes in any sequence, as well as an electronic tape consumption meter. It is possible to: perform trick recordings by mixing signals; control the level of recording or playback of electronic fluorescent indicators; light indication of operating modes "Record", "Working stroke", "Reverse stroke", "Pause", "Stop"; wireless remote control on infrared rays modes of LPM, volume, balance, timbre at higher and lower frequencies, at an adjustable line input and output for connecting stereo phones; switching the size of the used coil with readiness indication on the display; automatic setting of the recording level, with indication on the display; control using a pseudo-touch switch of all modes of operation of the tape recorder; determining the presence of a phonogram in rewind mode; stopping the tape when the counter reaches zero; tape rollback to zero meter readings with subsequent reproduction; automatic reproduction of phonograms, between the zero mark and the address on the counter; automatic cyclic transition to the mode "Reverse travel" from the mode "Working travel" and vice versa according to the counter reading; tape recorder operation in "Amplifier" mode; network indicator.Type of magnetic tape A4416-6B. Coil number 18; 22. The speed of the magnetic tape 19,05; 9.53 cm / s. The maximum recording and playback time is 2x45; 2x90 min. The working range of sound frequencies is 25 ... 28000; 40 ... 16000 Hz. Knock factor ± 0,08; 0.15%. The harmonic coefficient on LV is 0.7%. The relative level of noise and interference in the recording-playback channel is minus 63 dB. Power supply 220 V. Power consumption 90 watts. The dimensions of the device are 510x417x125 mm. Its weight is 21 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko