Jupiter-Stereo 1972
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The unified stereo reel-to-reel tape recorder of the 2nd class "Jupiter-Stereo" from the beginning of 1972 was produced by the Kiev factory "Communist". The tape recorder is designed for 4-track recording of sound phonograms, with subsequent playback of the recordings through the built-in or external speaker system. The model provides for: control of tape consumption by a mechanical counter, with a reset button; visual control of the recording level separately for each stereo channel using arrow indicators; the ability to adjust the recording level and volume separately for each channel; the ability to separately adjust the tone for bass and treble. The CVL is made according to a single-motor kinematic scheme and is designed for the use of coils No. 18 with type 10 magnetic tape. Speed "u200b"u200bof the CVL draw: 19.05: 9.53: 4.76 cm / sec. The rated output power on 2GD-22 loudspeakers is 2x2 W, on an external speaker system consisting of 2 6AC-1 speakers, each of which has two 4GD-28 loudspeakers and one 1GD-28 - 2x4 W. The range of operating frequencies at a speed of 19.05 cm / s is 40 ... 16000 Hz, 9.53 cm / s - 63 ... 12500 Hz, 4.76 cm / s - 63 ... 6300 Hz. Power consumption 90 watts. The dimensions of the apparatus are 400x420x185 mm, weight 15 kg. Dimensions of one speaker - 400x420x135 mm, weight 9 kg. Since the fall of 1972, the tape recorder was produced with the name "Jupiter-201-stereo".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko