Saturn-201 1978
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Reel transistor tape recorder "Saturn-201" from I quarter of 1978 produced Omsk Electrotechnical Plant named after Karl Marx. The Saturn-201 is an analogue of the 1973 Saturn-301 tape recorder. It is designed to record and play speech and music programs. The model has a dial gauge and a three-decade counter to search for phonograms and monitor tape consumption. You can listen to the recording through the built-in loudspeaker, external speaker and headphones. Magnetic tape type A4407-6B. The number of the coil is 15. The speed of the belt pulling is 19.05 and 9.53 cm / s. Recording time at a speed of 19.05 cm / s - 4x33 minutes, 9.53 cm / s - 4x65 minutes. The frequency range of sound on the LV at a speed of 19.05 cm / s - 40 ... 18000 Hz, 9.53 cm / s - 63 ... 12500 Hz. The detonation coefficient at a speed of 19.05 cm / s is ± 0.15%. 9.53 cm / s - ± 0.25%. The adjustment range of the tweeter woofer, woofer - 15 dB. Nominal output power when working on the built-in speakers - 2 watts, external speakers - 6 watts. Power consumption from the network 50 watts. Dimensions tape - 412x362x163 mm. Its mass is 11.5 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko