Ufa-201 1984
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Since 1984, the Ufa-201 portable radio receiver has been producing the Ufa Switchgear Plant. The receiver is designed to receive radio transmissions in the DV, CB, KB (2 sub-bands) and VHF bands. One of the features of the receiver is the use of complete blocks of hybrid thick-film microcircuits in it. All this made it possible to create a rather light and small-sized device, its mass is two and its volume is three times less than that of well-known models of the same class, such as Ocean-209 or Meridian-210. The radio receiver has an increased output power , has separate paths for AM and FM with electronic tuning in all ranges, LED indicators for fine tuning.In the Ufa-201 radio receiver there are three fixed settings in the VHF range and one in the CB range, silent tuning and AFC in the VHF range FM Universal Power f: from a 220 V network or 6 elements 343. There were several color options for the case: Sensitivity in the range of LW 2 mV / m, CB 1 mV / m, KB 0.25 mV / m, VHF 0.025 mV / m. in the ranges of AM - 33 dB. The range of sound frequencies of the tract AM 125 ... 4000 Hz, FM 125 ... 10000 Hz. Rated output power 1, maximum 2 W. Dimensions of the model 280x180x57 mm. Weight with batteries 2.5 kg. Anatoly Binetsky (Bianco) wrote to me about this radio: I had the opportunity to participate in the refinement and manufacture of the Ufa-201 radio as a young specialist. The receiver was developed by the Leningrad Specialized Design Bureau, we brought it to the SKTB "Mercury", and it was produced by the Ufa Switchgear Plant, but not for long. The main feature of the receiver is that it is fully assembled on thick-film GISs (Hybrid Integrated Circuits), and this destroyed it. It was almost impossible to repair it, although the receiver then surpassed the glorious Oceans in all respects, it was easier and less than twice. I remembered something else to create this receiver. St. Petersburg Design Bureau sent documentation and a prototype receiver.It was 1982. The receiver case was clearly made in a single copy with the help of plexiglass glue and a file by craftsmen. The radio was named Dawn. He had two handles on the side and two scales AM and FM. Of course, this experimental device (Dawn) has sunk into oblivion and is forever lost to collectors. Work began in our design bureau; it was necessary to report to Moscow as soon as possible about the start of production of a new type of product for Soviet people. With grief in half (GIS already then came to the designers in nightmares!) Made an experimental batch of 12 pieces. One receiver was licked with almost languages, prepared for the exhibition. I don"™t remember which one, it seems to the Ministry of Radio Industry. Obviously, he was awarded the grace of the young lady in the photo. He, like the prototype, was also with separate scales and handles, but was already called "UFA-201." Of course, this batch of Ufa-201 with two handles was hardly surviving from time to time, although who knows. The Ufa-202 series with a simplified vernier mechanism, one adjustment knob and a common pointer went into the series. Although they were used clearly and the entire backlog of already prepared front panels with the inscription "Ufa-201" was made possible by the construction of the case, only the sidewall changed. There was a continuation of the life of this receiver, though I already had nothing to do with it, since I left Ufa. Designers SKTB "Mercury" subsequently completely changed the entire design of the receiver (I can not say anything about the changes in the circuit) and its name is "Mercury".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko