Elitan 25TC-405D 1991
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The television receiver of the color image "Elitan 25TTs-405D" from I-q 1991 was produced by the Kharkov plant "Radiodetal". "Elitan 25TTs-405D" - is a semiconductor-integrated TV cassette-modular design designed to receive television programs in color and black and white in the MV and UHF ranges. The TV set uses a 25LK2T-type kinescope with self-knowledge and a beam deflection angle of 90 °, a sensor device for selecting eight pre-configured television programs. There are jacks for connecting a tape recorder, headphones. A transformerless power supply unit was used, allowing the TV to be operated without additional stabilization of the mains voltage. Sensitivity in the range of 50 µV MB, DMV 150 µV. Resolution 300 lines. Maximum output power 0.8 watts. Frequency range 250 ... 8000 Hz. The power consumption of 60 watts from the network. The TV dimensions are 418x250x380 mm. Weight unpacked 11 kg. Since the beginning of 1992, the Novgorod Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific Research Institute of Industrial Television "Raster" has been releasing the color TV "Veche 25TTs-405D" according to the same electrical circuit, design and exterior design.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko