Voskhod 1958
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Since May 1958, the stationary transistor radio Voskhod was produced by the Vladivostok plant Radiopribor. The radio "Voskhod" was developed by NIIRPA in Leningrad, and then transferred to production in Vladivostok, where over one and a half years about a thousand copies of receivers were produced in several design options. The receiver is a superheterodyne assembled on 8 transistors of types P402, P6G, P6V and P3B. Ranges: DV 150 ... 415 kHz and CB 520 ... 1600 kHz. Sensitivity to the internal magnetic antenna is 1 mV / m on the Far East and 0.5 mV / m on the NE bands. When an external antenna is connected, the sensitivity increases to 100 µV. 26 dB selectivity. The audio frequency range is 140 ... 5000 Hz. The average output power of the teacher is 350 mW. The device is powered by four elements of Saturn, with a total voltage of 6 V. The duration of continuous work from a fresh set of batteries is 80 hours. Loudspeaker type 0.5GD-11. There is a bass amplifier input for connecting a pickup from an external player to listen to the recording. The receiver dimensions are 282x222x158 mm. Its mass with 3.5 kg batteries.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko