Abava RP-8330 1985
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Since 1985, the Abava RP-8330 portable radio receiver has been producing the Kandava Radio Plant. The universal power receiver '' ABAVA RP-8330 '' is designed to receive programs of broadcasting stations in the DV and SV bands. Reception is carried out on an internal magnetic antenna. In the speaker system used dynamic head 1GD-54. The power supply is universal: from the AC mains (via the built-in power supply) or from six 343 cells (2 3336 batteries can be used). The main characteristics of the model: real sensitivity in the range of DV 2, SV 1 mV / m; adjacent channel selectivity 26 dB; specular 30 dB; rated output power 0.25 W; range of reproduced frequencies 250 ... 3500 Hz; operating time from a set of batteries from 40 to 60 hours; receiver dimensions 322x95x70 mm; weight without power sources is about 1.2 kg. The retail price is 44 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko