Rossija RP-221 1993
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The stationary transistor radio receiver "Russia RP-221" since 1993 has been producing the FSUE Chelyabinsk Radio Factory Poljet. "Russia RP-221" is a VHF FM / FM radio receiver (terrestrial radio receiving station) with the possibility of wall or table mounting. It provides signal reception in the VHF-1 frequency of 65.8 ... 74.0 MHz and VHF-2 95.0 ... 108.0 MHz to the retractable telescopic antenna. For power uses a network of 220 V, consuming during operation 4 watts. The model has dimensions of 225x135x85 mm and a weight of 1.2 kg. Maximum output power 0.3 watts. Tuning is done using the FM / FM switch and a convenient frequency knob, which are located on the front panel. Behind the receiver's front panel is a knob for adjusting the sound volume, which is also responsible for turning off the power. The range of reproducible sound frequencies is 120 ... 10000 Hz. Radio "Russia RP-221" produced by the plant until 2007.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko