Leningrad-010S 1979
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The stereo portable radio "Leningrad-010-stereo" since 1979 produced the Leningrad plant "Radiopribor". The radio "Leningrad-010-stereo" is designed to receive programs of broadcasting stations in the Far East, CB-I, CB-II, five short-wave and VHF bands. In terms of parameters, the radio receiver complies with the requirements of GOST 5651-76 for high-class radio receivers, and in some of them has a considerable margin. High sensitivity of the receiver is achieved in the DV and SV ranges using 2 separate magnetic antennas, in the VHF range of a symmetric vibrator from two telescopic antennas, in the KB ranges they are switched in parallel and using balanced fusion stage mixers. High RP selectivity is provided by multi-circuit FSS and two piezoceramic filters. The radio has three separate groups of scales with separate knobs for tuning in each group. There is also the possibility of a fixed setting for four pre-selected stations in the VHF band and the same number of stations in the extended HF bands. Silent tuning is possible in all bands. Automatic adjustment of the frequency (HF, VHF) is activated by pressing the corresponding knob, and then setting this knob becomes impossible. The receiver has light indicators for the reception of stereo transmissions and multipath reception in the VHF range, dial gauges for fine tuning, field strength, and power supply voltage. To improve the sound of mono-programs, the receiver amplifier is switched to pseudostereo mode. You can connect external antennas, a tape recorder, a player, stereo phones to the radio. The AU used broadband loudspeakers ZGD-32. Speakers are attached to the body and can be separated to improve the stereo effect. Powered by six elements of A-373 and through the built-in power supply from the electrical network. Sensitivity from the external antenna inputs, µV (with internal antennas, µV / m), in the ranges; DV - 50/800. SV - 50/500.KB - 30/50. VHF - 2.5 / 5. Radio receiver selectivity; dB, by channels: neighboring 70, mirror and other side 50 ... 100. The range of reproducible sound frequencies, Hz, in AM bands with a passband: narrow 80 ... 2400, average 80 ... 4000, wide 80 ... 6300, FM - 80 ... 12500. Maximum output power, W with 2x1.5 battery power, 2x4 mains. The power consumption from the network is W, 25. The dimensions of the radio receiver with attached speakers are 430x388x150 mm. The total weight of 9.5 kg. Retail price of 375 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko