Era-2M 1965
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Miniature radios "Era-2M" and "Mayak-1" from 1965 produced Zelenograd factory "Angstrom". '' Era-2M '' and '' Mayak-1 '' are simplified versions of the Micro receiver. Range DV. Sensitivity 40 mV / m. Selectivity of about 10 dB. Rated output power 0.3 mW. The load is the TM-2M phone. Each receiver is powered by a D-0.06 battery, which is charged from the network, using a charger ZU-3. The sizes of the receivers: Era-2M - 39x43x8 mm, Mayak-1 - 38x49x8 mm. Weight is 30 grams each. Radios have a power knob and a tuning knob. The radio `` Era-2M '' is decorated in the form of an earring, and the receiver `` Mayak-1 '' in the form of a brooch. The receivers are made according to the direct amplification scheme on five transistors. When assembling the models, thread resistances and microcapacitors were used.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko