Meridian RP-408 1984
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The Radios "Meridian RP-408" and "Meridian RP-308" from 1984 and 1990 produced the Kiev software named after SP Korolyov. '' Meridian RP-408 '' (until 1986, '' Meridian-408 '') was created on the basis of the model '' Selga-410 ''. '' RP-408 '' Meridian is a small-sized, dual-band SV, DV superheterodyne, assembled on a chip, field-effect transistor, several resistors, capacitors, circuits and common radio centers. DV ranges - 148 ... 285 kHz, SV - 525 ... 1607 kHz. Sensitivity in the DV ranges - 2.5 mV / m, SV - 1.3 mV / m. The adjacent channel selectivity with 9 kHz detuning is at least 30 dB. The frequency range is 450 ... 4000 Hz. Maximum output power 150 mW. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 77Ñ…160Ñ…38 mm, its weight with batteries is 380 grams. Power is supplied from 3 A-316 elements, with a total voltage of 4.5 V. In 1990, the receiver was renamed Meridian RP-308, the design and circuitry of the model are the same.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko