Meridian-235 1984
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The radio "Meridian-235" from the autumn of 1984 produced the Kiev plant "Radiopribor". "Meridian-235" is a radio receiver designed to receive radio stations in the Far-East, CB, KB and VHF bands. It has a magnetic antenna for the DV, CB bands, in the KB and VHF bands, a pin telescopic, fixed setting for one of the three stations and the AFC in the VHF band, adjusting the timbre for the HF and LF, jacks for the external antenna, tape recorder and headphones. Retractable carry handle. Basic data: Ranges: LW, MW, KV-1 5.8 ... 7.3 MHz, KV-2 9.5 ... 9.8 MHz, KV-3 11.7 ... 12.1 MHz , VHF 65.8 ... 73 MHz. Sensitivity on the built-in antennas AE 0.4 mV / m, SW 0.25 mV / m, KB 100 µV, VHF 20 µV. The selectivity in the AM path is 34 dB. The band of reproduced sound frequencies of the AM path is 125 ... 4000 Hz, FM 125 ... 10000. Maximum output power with battery power 0.8 W, mains 1.5 W. Power supply 6 elements 343 or network. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 280х250х90 mm. Its weight is 2.8 kg. Price 135 (145) rubles. Radio '' Meridian-236 '' produced since 1987 does not differ from the radio receiver '' Meridian-235 ''.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko