Sokol-405 1977
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Portable transistor radio "Falcon-405" from 1977 produced Moscow software "Temp". Radio "Falcon-405" is assembled on 9 transistors and three diodes. It is intended for reception on a magnetic or telescopic antenna. The bands are CB 525 ... 1605 kHz and KB 5.8 ... 12.1 MHz. IF 465 kHz. Real sensitivity in the SV range 0.7 mV / m, KB 150 µV. The adjacent channel selectivity is 30 dB. Selectivity in the image channel in the range of 30 dB CB, 12 dB KB. Action AGC: when the input signal is 26 dB, the voltage change at the output of the receiver is not more than 6 dB. Rated output power 150, maximum 300 mW. The band of reproduced sound frequencies 315 ... 3550 Hz. The average sound pressure of 0.25 Pa. Power supply 6 elements 316. The current consumed by the receiver in the absence of a signal of 13 mA. The efficiency is ensured by lowering the supply voltage to 5 V. The dimensions of the model are 200x140x58 mm. Weight 0.8 kg. The receiver was developed on the basis of the "Falcon-404" model and differs from it by the ranges, design, appearance and changes of the circuit. The body is made of high impact polystyrene and trimmed with metal plates. The scale and controls are located on the front panel, and the range switch and jacks of the external antenna and the TM-4 phone are on the back and side walls of the case. Controls have inscriptions and designations. The first issues of the Sokol-405 receivers were designed both in the left image and in the reference book.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko