Utro-601 1971
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A radio receiver with a clock and a timer "Morning-601" in 1971 was experimentally produced by "Kamensk-Uralsky Instrument-Making Plant". ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The Morning-601 radio receiver consists of a Neiva-602 radio receiver and a B-9M electric clock. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The radio receiver is designed for reception in the LW and MW ranges. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Rated output power 100 mW, maximum 250 mW. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The loudspeaker 0.1GD-12 reproduces the frequency band - 450 ... 3000 Hz. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Receiver sensitivity in the range of DV 1.5, SV 0.8 mV / m. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Adjacent channel selectivity 26 dB. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The electronic watch has a contactless magnetoelectric drive and a device for automatically turning on the receiver at a predetermined time. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The receiver is powered by a Krona battery, and the clock is powered by the A-373 element, which is sufficient for more than a year of operation. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The dimensions of the device are 98x252x57 mm. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Weight 1 kg. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Information from the magazine Radio No. 10 for 1971 and the magazine "New goods" No. 12 for 1971. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko