Selga-410 1983
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From 1983 and 1985, the portable radio sets "Selga-410" and "Selga-309" were produced by the Riga software "Radiotekhnika" and the Kandava radio factory. Radio "Selga-309" was created on the basis of the radio "Selga-410", which was developed and released by an experimental series as early as 1983. Both radios are the same. The Selga-309 radio receiver is a dual-band LW and LW superheterodyne assembled on a K174XA10 multi-functional chip, a KP-303 field-effect transistor and several radio components. The plant produced a small batch of radio receivers on the "wastage". The main characteristics of the RP: Ranges: LW - 148 ... 285 kHz, CB - 525 ... 1607 kHz. Sensitivity in the ranges: DV 2.5 mV / m, NE 1.3 mV / m. 30 dB selectivity. The frequency range is 450 ... 4000 Hz. Maximum output power 150 mW. The receiver dimensions are 74x158x37 mm, its weight with batteries is 340 grams. The receiver is powered from three elements - A-316, with a total voltage of 4.5 V.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko