Al'pinist RP-224-1 1992
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Portable radio "Mountaineer RP-224-1" from 1992 produced Voronezh PO "Polyus". The radio receiver of the 2nd group of difficulty "Mountaineer RP-224-1" is created on the basis of the 4-band receiver '' Mountaineer RP-224 '' differing from it by the presence of only two; DV and ST bands. The electrical circuit of the receiver is accordingly revised and considerably simplified. The technical parameters of the receiver generally correspond to the base receiver, but the RP-224-1 "Mountaineer is distinguished by a fairly high real sensitivity, at least 800 µV in the DW and 500 µV in the CB range, high selectivity, 30 dB in the adjacent and mirror channels high enough to 1 W, with mains power output and a relatively high sound quality 200 ... 3150 Hz, with SOI less than 0.5%.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko