Viktorija-003-stereo 1977
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The stationary transistor radio "Victoria-003-stereo" since 1977 was produced by the AS Popov Riga Radio Factory. One of the best stereo radios from the late seventies. From its predecessor, the radio Victoria'001-stereo, it is distinguished by a higher quality of recording and a higher output power. Radiol is made in the form of separate, autonomous functional units: a radio receiving device, an electric player, an amplifying switching device "Radio-020" and two acoustic systems 35АС-1. Radiol operates in eight bands: LW, MW, HF (5) and VHF. In the VHF band on three radio stations, the setting is fixed, the frequency control is automatic. The electric player with a magnetoelectric head and a diamond needle reproduces the record from any records. High sound quality is provided by the VCU (its operating frequency band is 20 ... 30000 Hz) and two broadband loudspeakers with a power of 35 W each. The band of reproducible sound frequencies in the ranges DV, SV, KB - 30 ... 7000 Hz, VHF-FM - 30 ... 16000 Hz, when playing records 30 ... 18000 Hz. Rated output power 2x50 watts. Power consumption 100/115 watts. Tuner dimensions are 172x480x350, UCU 140x480x410, electric player - 190x480x350, one speaker - 710x360x282 mm. The mass of a set is 59 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko