Danko RP-201 2000
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The stationary transistor radio "Danko RP-201" since 2000 produced the Chernihiv radio equipment factory. The radio operates in the VHF band: 65.8 ... 108 MHz, divided into 2 subbands. The power is supplied from a 220 V network. The Danko RP-201 radio receiver has 2 modifications, the first has tuning to six fixed radio stations in any subband, which can be switched using a button. The second receiver "Danko RP-201-1" has a smooth tuning in both ranges. The sensitivity of any model is 30 μV. The range of reproduced frequencies is 315 ... 8000 Hz. Harmonic coefficient 5%. Maximum output power 1W. Power consumption of 10 watts. Dimensions of any radio 238x126x77 mm. The mass of the Danko RP-201 radio receiver is 1.1 kg, and the Danko RP-201-1 radio is 0.87 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko