Signal RP-302 1994
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Portable VHF radio "Signal RP-302" since 1994 produced the Minsk NPK "Signal". The radio signal "Signal RP-302" is designed to receive programs of broadcasting stations with frequency modulation in the ultrashort wave band VHF-1, VHF-2. Reception of broadcasting stations is conducted on a telescopic antenna. The duration of the receiver at an average loudness of sound from elements of type 316 is at least 35 hours (at average operation no more than 4 hours per day). The radio was produced in several versions, including the export one, where the VHF-2 (FM-2) band had slightly different frequencies. The main parameters of the receiver: The range of received frequencies: VHF-1 (FM-1) 65.8 ... 74.0 MHz, VHF-2 (FM-2), 87.5 ... 108 MHz. Rated output power 80 mW. The receiver is powered from three elements 316, with a total voltage of 4.5 V. The receiver dimensions are 150x76x26.5 mm. The mass of the receiver with a set of batteries 290 gr.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko