Amfiton-Mikro 1987
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Since 1987, the radio receiver "Amfiton-Micro" has experimentally produced the Kotov branch of the Chisinau plant of calculating machines. The radio receiver on the solar battery "Amfiton-Micro" is designed to receive programs of radio broadcasting stations in the CB range. The receiver is powered by 2 elements A-0.06. The solar battery is needed to charge the batteries. With uncharged batteries, the radio can be powered from a solar battery in daylight or from a desk lamp, with a power of 60 ... 100 watts. Main technical characteristics: Receiver sensitivity 5 mV / m. Single-signal selectivity in the adjacent channel with a detuning of ± 30 kHz - 12 dB. Maximum output power 50 mW. Quiescent current 3 mA. Hours from charged batteries for 20 hours. Dimensions of the receiver 90x60x24 mm. Mass 80 gr. The price with a headset is 11 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko