Sokol-308 1976
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Portable all-wave radio "Sokol-308" from the beginning of 1976 produced Moscow software "TEMP". Unlike previous models, integrated circuits are used here, automatic frequency tuning in the VHF band. Sensitivity in the ranges of SV, KB at radio reception on a magnetic antenna, respectively 1.5 and 0.8 mV / m, in the range of VHF-FM on a telescopic antenna of 100 µV. The band of reproducible sound frequencies when receiving stations operating in the CB and KB bands is 315 ... 3550 Hz, and in the VHF FM band - 315 ... 7100 Hz. Rated output power - 0.3 watts, maximum 0.5 watts. Power supply 9 volts. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 240x140x70 mm, the mass with batteries is 1.3 kg. The price of a radio receiver with batteries is 77 rubles 78 kopecks. An export version of the radio was also produced with the usual FM and European VHF FM range.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko