Giala-410 1980
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The portable transistor radio "Giala-410" since 1980 produced the Grozny radio engineering plant. The radio receiver is designed to receive radio stations in the Far East (2000 ... 740.7 m) and (CB 571.4 ... 186.9 m) wave bands. Reception is conducted on the built-in magnetic antenna. It has sockets for connecting an outdoor antenna, grounding, telephones, and external power. Powered by 6 cells 343, 2 3336L batteries or an external source. Sensitivity with magnetic antenna in the ranges: ДВ 2, СВ 1 mV / m. 26 dB selectivity. Rated output power 0.4, maximum 0.7 watts. Nominal frequency range of 200 ... 3550 Hz. Receiver dimensions 265x170x78 mm. Its weight is 1.4 kg. Price - 30 rubles. In 1986, the radio was transferred to the 3rd class and was issued under the name "Giala-310".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko