Brigantina 1969
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Since 1969, the portable radio station "Brigantine" has produced the Kyshtym radio plant. '' Brigantine '' is one of the few portable transistor radios produced by the domestic radio industry. Radiol is designed to receive broadcasting stations in the ranges of LW, CB on the internal magnetic antenna and playback of records on the three-speed EPU. Radiol works offline from 6 batteries of 373 and in stationary, powered by a network rectifier. In 1970, the electrical circuit of the radio was upgraded and this particular version is described in the reference book. The sensitivity of the radio receiver in the long-wavelength range is not worse than 2.5 mV / m, in the mid-wave range it is not worse than 1.5 mV / m. The loudspeaker system consists of a single 1GD-28 loudspeaker. The band of reproduced sound frequencies at reception is 200 ... 3500 Hz, and at reproduction of recording, 200 ... 7000 Hz. The nominal output power of the amplifier is 0.5 watts. The battery life for a daily two-hour intake is about 100 days, when playing records is about 20 days. There are sockets in the radio car for connecting an external power source and headphones. Dimensions radioli 310h230h122 mm, weight with batteries - 4.1 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko