Riga-103-2 1972
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Since 1968, the Riga-103 portable radio has been producing the Riga Radio Factory. Popov. By November 1967, at the radio factory, models of unified transistor radios and radio receivers of the 1st class, including the portable radio Riga-103, were created and prepared for release. The radio had originally several types of appearance. From the beginning of 1971, he was upgraded to the receiver with the name Riga-103-1 and then in 1972 to the Riga-103-2 receiver. With the same electrical scheme and design, there were minor differences in the design of the case, the scale and the knobs. The radio Riga-103 was exported to a number of countries under the names "Riga", "Astrad", "Solar", where there were other HF and VHF bands.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko