Ljubava-S 1978
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Since 1978, the stationary transistor radio Lyubava-S has produced the Riga Radio Engineering software. On the basis of the Victoria-003 receiver, the Lyubava-S ship tuner was developed. Ranges as the receiver "Lyubava". The HF range is divided into 8 stretched subranges. VHF-1 and VHF-2 ranges comply with Soviet and European standards. Reception is made on external antennas and on an internal dipole. The antenna input is protected by a spark gap. The output of the receiver (mono) is connected to an external amplifier. The tuner is housed in a veneer lined with fine wood. Information from the site of Nikolai Baranov, Riga. Photo by Raimonds Raimondovich Austers, Riga.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko