Saturn MK-202S-2 1987
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Since 1985, the Saturn-202-2C stereo tape recorder has been produced by the Karl Marx Omsk Electrotechnical Plant. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The tape recorder was first called Saturn-202-2S, and since 1986, Saturn-202S-2, and since 1987, Saturn MK-202S-2. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Designed for recording and playback of mono and stereo phonograms. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 A 4-decade tape counter will allow you to find a phonogram. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The model has a hitchhiking when the tape is cut off and at the end, automatic disconnection of the network after 1 ... 3 minutes after turning on the hitchhiking, recording level control by arrow indicators, separate recording and playback knobs, remote control of the Pause mode. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 TX: LPM speeds: 19.05 cm / s and 9.53 cm / s. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Knock coefficient ± 0.13% and ± 0.25%. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The relative noise level in the recording and playback channel is -51 dB. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Frequency range at speed: 9.53 cm / s 63 ... 12500 Hz, 19.05 cm / s 40 ... 20000 Hz. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Maximum output power 2x10 W. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Power consumption 95 watts. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The dimensions of the tape recorder are 477x390x210 mm. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Weight about 18 kg. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Based on information from collection of Valery Khartchenko