Dombaj-306 1982
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Since the beginning of 1980 and 1982, the portable radio sets Russia-306 and Dombai-306 were produced by the Chelyabinsk PO Polet and the Circassian Polet radio factory. From the previously produced models of the radio "Russia-306", it is distinguished by the presence of a VHF-FM band and a modern element base with the use of integrated circuits. The radio is designed for reception in the ranges of DV, SV, KV-1 and KV-2 and VHF. In the range of VHF is available AFC. The receiver is distinguished by increased output power and the ability, in addition to standard batteries (6 cells 373), of AC power, with a voltage of 127 or 220 V, through the built-in power supply. There is a backlight of the tuning scale, stepwise adjustment of the timbre on the HF, precise frequency control in both HF subbands, silent tuning and the AFC in the FM band. The "Russia-306" receiver works on the 0.5GD-30 type loudspeaker head. Main characteristics: Real sensitivity in the range; with internal magnetic antenna in DV 2.1, SV 1.2 mV / m, with telescopic HF 450 mV, VHF 90 mV. Rated output power 0.5, maximum 1.2 watts. The nominal frequency range in the path AM 250..35050, FM 250 ... 7100 Hz. Power consumed from the mains 5 watts. Dimensions of the receiver 215x195x65 mm. Weight 1.5 kg. The radio "Dombai-306" is an analogue of the receiver "Russia-306". The price of the receiver "Russia-306" - 89 rubles, Dombai-306 "'79 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko