Okean-210 1974
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Portable radio "Ocean-210" since 1974, has been expertly produced Minsk NPTO "Horizon". The second-class radio Ocean-210 has several advantages over the previous Ocean-205 receiver. The CB range of the new model is divided into two subranges: CB1 585 ... 1300 kHz and CB2 1300 ... 1600 kHz. The mechanical switching of the AM-FM tracts in the IF amplifier was replaced by electronic, and the FP1P-023 piezoceramic filter was used in the AM UPCH tract. Improved and the sound quality of the receiver through the use of loudspeaker 1GD-37. The receiver dimensions are 255x363x125 mm, its weight is 4.8 kg. Retail price of 142 rubles. The radio was released in a limited edition and, for technical reasons, since 1976 has been replaced by the receiver '' Ocean-209 ''.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko