Junga 1974
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The children's radio "Jung" since 1974 produced the Kuybyshev plant "Reid". The receiver is assembled according to the scheme of direct amplification 3-V-2 on 7 germanium transistors P-422 (3) and MP-41 (4). On RF costs 3 transistors, using an RF transformer and a choke. On LF - 4 transistors, and two of them work in the terminal push-pull PA. The connection between the ULF transformer cascades. The use of a large body, a full-sized ferrite antenna with good circuits, a rational scheme for high-frequency, low-frequency stages, together with a sensitive 0.5GD-12 loudspeaker, made it possible to create a radio receiver with high technical characteristics. Working ranges DV, ST. Sensitivity in the range of DV 2 mV / m, SV 1 mV / m. Selectivity of 10 dB in the absence of a local radio station. Rated output power 150 mW, maximum 270 mW. Powered by 2 batteries KBS-L-0.5 or Krone. Quiescent current 10 mA, maximum current 50 mA. Dimensions of the receiver 240x140x50 mm. Weight without batteries 800 gr. Price 18 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko