Merkurij-210-2 1987
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Since 1987, the portable radio receivers Mercury-210 and Mercury-210-2 produced the Ufa Switchgear Plant. The all-wave portable radio receiver of the 2nd class '' Mercury-210 '' (Since 1988 '' Mercury RP-210 '' and "Mercury RP-210-2") is designed to receive radio stations in the bands DV, ST, KV (25, 31, 42 and 49 m) and VHF. Band switching is mechanical, and frequency setting is electronic. The radio has a silent frequency setting and automatic adjustment in the FM path, disconnection of batteries when powered from the mains, whip antenna, tone control on the low and treble. A 3GDSH8-4 wideband dynamic head is installed in the receiver. Power is supplied from the 220 V network through the power supply or from 6 A-343 elements. Sensitivity in ДВ 1,8, СВ 0,7, KB 0,25, VHF 0.05 mV / m. The range of sound frequencies tract AM 150 ... 3150, FM 150 ... 10000 Hz. Maximum output power 2 watts. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 285x185x57 mm. Weight 1.6 kg. The radio "Mercury-210-2" is distinguished by the absence of the UHF band and other timbre controls. Since 1992, the radio receiver has been simplified, its tone controls have disappeared, they have been replaced with plugs, the fine tuning knob on the right, buttons for the AFC and BSN, the scale backlight, the station setting display.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko