Elektronika T-003S 1983
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The stationary transistor tuner "Electronics T-003-stereo" since 1983 produced the Gorky plant "Orbit". The tuner was part of the stereo complex "Electronics T1-003-stereo", but was sold separately. The tuner is designed for high-quality reception of mono and stereo radio stations in the VHF-FM band using an external high-quality stereo amplifier with speakers or head stereo phones. The features of the tuner are: quasi-sensor switching modes and channels; digital indication of frequency; auto-shutdown system automatically disabled during restructuring; BSN system; electronic indicator of the level of the received signal; stereo presence indicator; automatic transition from mono to stereo when receiving stereo programs; the possibility of manual switching modes mono - stereo; modular design, small size. The tuner is equipped with 75 Ohm external jacks; amplifier, phones and tape recorder; multipath reception indicator. The main characteristics of the tuner: The range of received frequencies 65.8 ... 73.0 MHz. Sensitivity 10 µV. The selectivity of the mirror and additional reception channels 80 dB. The threshold for triggering a stereo indicator is 2.5 µV. Harmonic factor 1%. Transient attenuation between 28 dB stereo channels. The output voltage at the outputs for connecting the amplifier is 650 mV, at the outputs for connecting the tape recorder 30 mV. The maximum signal-to-noise ratio in stereo is 60 dB. Frequency response at the output to connect the tape in stereo 31.5 ... 15000 Hz. The measurement error of the received frequency is ± 10 kHz. The mains voltage of the alternating current is 220 ± 10% V. The power consumption is 14W. Tuner dimensions - 300x224x66 mm. Its weight is 4 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko