Kvarc-407 1977
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The portable transistor radio "Quartz-407" since 1977 produced the Kyshtym radio plant. The radio receiver is created on the basis of the "Quartz-404" model and is practically similar to it. It is designed to receive programs of broadcasting stations operating in the DV 150 ... 408 kHz and CB 525 ... 1605 kHz bands. Reception is made on a magnetic or external antenna. Sensitivity to a magnetic antenna 3.0 mV / m, in the range of DV and 1.0 mV / m in the CB. ± 10 kHz detuning selectivity - 20 dB in the LW range and 16 dB in the HF; the attenuation of the mirror channel is 20 dB. The AGC system provides a change in the voltage of the signal at the receiver output by no more than 10 dB when the input voltage changes by 26 dB. The range of volume adjustment is 40 dB. The range of sound frequencies reproduced by the loudspeaker is 450 ... 3150 Hz. The average sound pressure is 0.15 N / m2. Rated output power 100 mW. Powered by the battery "Krona" or the battery "7D-0,1". The efficiency of the radio is maintained when the voltage drops to 5 volts. The dimensions of the radio are 170x100x40 mm, its mass is 480 grams without a battery. The price of the model is 32 rubles 20 kopecks.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko