Aelita RP-216 1997
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The stationary transistor radio "Aelita RP-216" has produced the Kurganpribor software since 1997. A stationary compact mono VHF radio receiver with four fixed settings receives broadcasting stations in a continuous VHF range from 65.8 to 108 MHz. Reception is carried out on pre-selected handles fixed station settings. Switching programs is carried out by the corresponding button of the switch with LED indication. There is an indication of the inclusion in the network, as well as a signal output socket for recording on a tape recorder. The switch for the electrical network is not provided, on and off with a plug. Reception is made on a whip, telescopic antenna with a hinge and a variable angle of inclination. Food is carried out from the electric alternating current main 220 volts. The sensitivity of the receiver is at least 30 µV. The band of frequencies reproduced by sound pressure is no longer - 125 ... 10,000 Hz. Maximum output power 2.0 watts. The receiver dimensions are 220x150x90 mm. Weight 1 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko