SN-25 1978
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The stationary transistor radio SN-25 and SN-25P have been produced since 1978 and since 1988 by the Novosibirsk Electrovacuum Plant. Souvenir lamps with built-in radio-type "SN-25" and "SN-25P" allow you to light up the desktop, coffee table or bedside table and receive radio stations in the range of long and medium waves. The combination of "CH-25" means the Table Lamp with a lamp of 25 watts. What does the added letter "P" mean is not installed. In the first model, the radio receiver is assembled according to the direct amplification scheme on six germanium transistors, in the second on two silicon and one microchips. The sensitivity of the receiver is about 10 mV / m in any range, the rated output power is about 100 mW. This is in any of the options. The range of reproduced frequencies in the 1st version is 300 ... 3000 Hz, in the 2nd one - 250 ... 4000 Hz. Souvenirs are fed from the 220 V network.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko