Orbita-2 1970
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Since 1970, the portable radio receiver "Orbita-2" has been producing the Riga Radio Plant named after Popov. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Orbita-2 is a small-sized portable superheterodyne assembled on 8 transistors. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Just like the Orbita receiver, it is designed for reception in the MW and HF bands (25 ... 75 meters) to an internal magnetic antenna. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The scale in the MW range is calibrated in kilohertz, in HF in meters. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The receiver body is made of impact-resistant polystyrene. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Control knobs and phone jack are located on the side walls. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The range switch is located at the back. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The back cover contains a compartment for 4 type 316 batteries. The receiver was supplied with a leather case. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The inscription on the front panel "8 transistor" in some parts of the receivers is replaced by the inscription "All transistor". ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Unlike the Orbit receiver, Orbit-2 has a smooth tuning in the HF range with a trimmer capacitor. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The radio receiver has a sensitivity in the MW range of 0.6 mV / m, and in the survey HF range of 400 µV. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Selectivity 26 and 16 dB, respectively. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The nominal output power of the amplifier is 100 mW. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Dimensions of the model 142x81x37 mm. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Weight 340 gr. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 In 1971, in a small batch (~ 800 pieces) the plant produced the Orbit-2 radio receiver in the form of a radio designer. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko