Sokol RP-204 1991
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Portable transistor radio "Falcon RP-204" from 1991 produced Moscow software "Temp". In the early nineties, the 20th century, the collapse of the USSR began. Many plants producing radio equipment were forced to reduce its production, repurpose, or completely close any production due to the sharply falling demand for radio products and for other technical reasons. Low-cost foreign radio equipment, mostly from China, including receivers, began to flow into the country en masse. In order to somehow stay afloat and interest buyers in domestic radio engineering, many radio plants began to overestimate the complexity of the models. It happened with the radio "Falcon RP-204", in fact it is a radio "Falcon-304" of 1985 of release, which in turn was produced since 1977 under the name of "Falcon-404", and since then, neither its design, nor its design, nor the electrical circuit has changed. The increase in the complexity (classiness) of the devices worked, but for a very short time. Inflation was raging in the country and for the money that the plant spent on the production of one device, in a couple of weeks he could not purchase even 10% of the components of this device, and the supply of parts was running out and the connection of subcontractors was torn.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko