Almaz 1964
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The 4th-class portable transistor radio Almaz has been producing Leningrad Novator and Radiopribor factories since the beginning of 1964. The small-sized transistor radio Almaz has good electro-acoustic parameters along with its high performance, and it has been superheterodyne at seven transistors and one crystal diode. The radio stations are received on an internal magnetic antenna. The power source is a 7D-0.1 type battery or a Krone battery. minal output power of the ULF is 50 mW. The receiver has CB and LW ranges, receiver sensitivity is 1.5 mV / m in the HF band and 2.5 mV / m in the LW band, adjacent channel selectivity in the HF band, 16 dB, DV 20 dB The mirror channel selectivity is about 20 dB. The intermediate frequency is 465 kHz. The frequency characteristic of the sound pressure is 450 ... 3000 Hz. The nonlinear distortion factor is not more than 8%. The main parameters of the receiver are saved when the power supply voltage drops to 7.2 V and work at lower voltage to 5.6 in. The case of the model is made of colored impact-resistant polystyrene with dimensions of 134x83x34 mm and a weight of 380 g. The scale of the model is horizontal, graduated in hundreds of kilohertz. For carrying and protecting the case from damage, it is placed in a leather case. The dial and volume knob with power switch are located on the right side on the side wall of the case. On the side wall there are also jacks for an outdoor antenna and a headset. The range selector lever and battery compartment are located at the back. The receiver was produced in different design options until mid-1972. The Radiopribor plant also produced repair kits for radio master stations and radio amateurs (like a radio designer) consisting of a housing with a loudspeaker, a radio receiver board (assembled and tuned, or a board and components) from which it was possible to assemble a factory radio receiver. The cost of such a receiver was 10...17 rubles cheaper factory.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko